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    Safe Condition Signs

    A safe condition sign is a piece of signage used to display safety information in public and private spaces, such as offices, construction sites and factories or plants. They are used in key critical areas to highlight any dangers in the area or actions that need to take place in order to prevent risk of harm or injury. Safe condition signs typically use bold colours and short text blocks in order to stand out to anyone in the vicinity that the rules may apply to. By displaying quick, concise information that may be helpful in many different scenarios, safety condition signs are a valuable addition to any space.

    What different types of safety condition signs am I likely to see?

    Depending on where you are, there are many different safety condition signs that you are likely to see. In fact, there may be many that you don't notice in your daily life as they are so ingrained in certain parts of society. Most of us will know and instantly recognise the green fire exit signs in public places; these are key examples of safety condition signs.

    Other types of safe condition signs include:

    • Emergency stop signs – These are used in conjunction with a switch or button that is often visually highlighted and is designed to turn off all electrical equipment in an area. These signs are useful in emergency situations, guiding people to the stop-all switch to immediately halt nearby processes. These signs are commonly seen in factories and plants where machinery is operated.
    • Turn off signs - Used next to anything from large, complex machinery to light switches, these signs are intended to signal to users that a piece of equipment needs to be turned off like lights or machinery after use.
    • Informative signs – In recent years, these signs have become much more prominent as we have all become more aware of our environmental impact, as businesses and individuals. These signs remind users to save energy or to think about the environment, which is why they will often be seen near waste collection areas, sinks and light switches or plug sockets.

    Why should I use safety condition signs?

    • Our safe condition signs are self-adhesive, making them easy to install and remove where they are needed.
    • The clear and concise messaging is designed for fast thinking scenarios, guiding the user quickly and efficiently.
    • Clean, simple design can improve the appearance of a business or establishment by providing a professional finish.
    • Range of colours to suit different applications, allowing the user to quickly differentiate between severity levels.

    Where might I use one?

    Safety is not limited to particular areas or buildings, so use safe condition signs wherever you feel they are necessary! Some examples where you are most likely to see them are:

    • Business establishments, where it may be required by law to present these signs in a clear position.
    • Public access areas with high foot traffic.
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