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    Broadcom Time of Flight Sensor

    Broadcom presents a range of optical Time of Flight AFBR-S50 series multipixel 3D distance measurement sensors. The ToF sensor modules offer 32 pixels within a total field of view (FoV) of up to 12.4° x 6.2°. The 3D optical sensors are suitable for outdoor use, ranging from 100k to 200k Lux ambient light. The sensor modules are fully drop-in compatible with the AFBR-S50 platform, dimensions are 12.4mm x 7.6mm x 7.9mm. The 3D ToF sensors work on a 5V supply and include an integrated clock source in addition to transferring data using a serial peripheral interface (SPI). The Time of Flight technology can help transform the way we work today in many applications whether it is in industry, healthcare, security, robotics as well as automotive control systems.

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