Semiconductor Development Kits

Development kits and evaluation boards provide an easy way to learn about unfamiliar semiconductor products without manufacturing a custom PCB. We provide development kits, evaluation boards, emulation and simulation tools, programmers, prototyping tools and accessories from a wide range of brands including Analog Devices, Microchip, Mikroelektronika, ON Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics.

What types of semiconductor development kits are there?

We offer an extensive range of hardware and software tools supporting a variety of products including microcontrollers, power management and programmable logic enabling rapid design and development.

The full list of development kits is as follows:

  • Analogue: a kit that allows for analogue development like audio boards
  • Clock and timer: boards that cater for evaluation of system timers or precision clocks
  • Graphics display: solutions enabling screens of a capacitive or resistive nature, even wearable displays, to be developed for
  • Human machine interface (HMI): kit that facilitates interaction with machines, like joysticks, keypads, sensors and thumbsticks
  • Interface: cables or boards that allow for two systems to interact with each other
  • Memory: a module that the caters for accessing external EEPROM or Serial Flash boards
  • Motor control: solutions that enable robotic and stepper control
  • Power management: a kit for development of power systems like batteries, regulators, switches, relays amongst others
  • Processor and microcontroller: development kits like the world-renowned Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Programmable logic: flexible semiconductor kits for hardware and software evaluation and development
  • Radio frequency: solutions enabling KHz/GHz radio spectrum processing
  • Sensor: boards allowing for development of sensory monitoring like gas, ultrasonic, temperature, humidity
  • Signal conversion: modules facilitating conversion of digital to analogue

We also offer debuggers, programmers and in-circuit emulators for testing, as well as a range of accessories for your industrial semiconductor development kits.

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