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    SPLD stands for Simple Programmable Logic Device. They are a compact Semiconductor IC that fall within the family of PLD (Programmable Logic Devices). These devices are typically used in applications when only a small number of I/Os are needed. SPLDs are the most straightforward, cost-effective type of programmable logic device on the market today. RS offer a range of high-quality parts from leading brands including Microchip Technology. You can find out more in our SPLDs guide.

    SLPD Device Structure

    SPLD ICs are simple in design, they are constructed from connected macrocells containing AND and OR gates and flip-flops.

    What is an SPLD?

    An SPLD device can be classified into two main types of programmable logic device, they are

    Fixed Logic Devices - The integrated circuit in the device is permanent and can perform one function, or a set of functions. These functions are pre-set at the point of manufacture and can not be changed.

    Programmable Logic Devices - These devices can be programmed by an electronics engineer as many times as it is required. The design inside the IC is flexible so a change in the logic doesn't require any time-consuming rewiring of PCBs

    Programmable Logic Applications

    SPLDs are used in a wide range of electrical and electronic prototype, design and testing applications. The versatile chips are commonly for functions including

    • Data Communication
    • Signal communication
    • Controllers
    • Data display
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