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    Bus Switches

    A Bus Switch, also known as a Digital Switch is a semiconductor device that turns on and off an electrical connection. Bus Switches are PCB mount devices that act in the same way as a normal mechanical switch. Unlike a mechanical switch, a Bus Switch has no moving parts, ensuring greater performance. RS offer a range of high-quality electronic components from leading brands including Texas Instruments, Nexperia, Maxim Integrated, Analog Devices and ON Semiconductor.

    What is a Bus Switch?

    A Bus Switch is an array of high-speed, very low-resistance CMOS switches which are used to transmit a group of signals called a signal bus.

    What are Bus Switches used for?

    The compact ICs are used for high-speed digital signal transmission. Bus switches or digital switches are used in a vast array of electronic applications. Some of the most common are

    • Voltage translation
    • Hot Swapping
    • Capacitance isolation
    • PC docking stations
    • Power management

    Advantages and Key Features

    • Space-saving design
    • Ultra-high-speed
    • Low on-resistance
    • Low capacitance
    • Minimal propagation delay
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