Ear Defenders

Ear defenders are also known as earmuffs are designed to protect your hearing from various levels of hazardous noise pollution. All Ear Defenders carry an SNR rating (Single Number Rating) which is the European industry recognised standard level of protection offered. Using the right kind of ear defender protects your hearing from developing Tinnitus and hearing loss.

• H – High frequencies between
• M – Medium frequencies between
• L – Low frequencies between

Standards Met
• NSI S3.19 NRR
• CE
• EN 352-1
• EN 352-3

There are 2 types of ear defender, passive and electronic. Passive ear defenders use acoustic foam to absorb sounds and advanced electronic ear defenders only let safe sound through to the ear.

Passive Ear Defenders
• Passive noise reduction relies on a barrier to stop sound reaching your ears
• Use layers of acoustic foam to attenuate incoming sounds.
• Porous structure

Electronic Ear Defenders
• Use a system of microphones and speakers to control what you hear
• Cuts off sound completely when a loud sound happens
• Mainly used by people who need to hear conversations
• Can offer ambient noise amplification to hear distant levels of sound.

Radio Ear Defenders
• Excellent when required to wear ear defenders all day
• Good ear protection
• Listen to radio channels, mobile and MP3 player
• Communicate will fellow workers

Active Ear Defenders
• Active noise reduction techniques
• Noise cancellation
• Using a microphone to take ambient sound turned 180° ·
• Effective with machinery noise

There are various styles of ear defenders available. They can be supplied with a headband enabling the ear defender to be worn on your head. Ear defenders can be supplied with just a neckband for independent wearing or with a safety helmet. Some ear defenders are designed to be attached to a safety helmet and are supplied with connectors. Collapsible or folding ear defenders makes storage easy.

Styles Available
• Headband
• Neckband
• Helmet
• Folding

When should I wear Ear Defenders?
• Factory
• Industrial
• Heavy engineering
• Building and construction

• Protects your hearing
• SNR rating
• Industry standards

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RS Stock No. 181-2387
Mfr. Part No.Alpha Sota F3
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RS Stock No. 181-2385
Mfr. Part No.Alpha Sota L1
- - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 181-2388
Mfr. Part No.Alpha Sota N4
- - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 181-2386
Mfr. Part No.Alpha Sota M2
- - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 181-2389
Mfr. Part No.Alpha Sota H5
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