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Our range of keys, safes, locks and lockouts can cater for all of your security needs. These products are designed to offer safe storage of valuable items in your home, office, worksite or warehouse in the event of a break-in. Suitable for use as home security safes and work security safes in both an industrial and commercial setting.

What should I consider about buying a padlock?

There are different types of padlocks including combination locks, key locks and electronic locks that are controlled by the use of Bluetooth on your phone and can be set for specific people to access, along with the time. But a key factor in selecting a suitable padlock is the location it's going to be used. Will you use your lock outdoors? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider a weather resistant lock.

What should I look for when buying a safe?

One of the first things you should check out is the fire rating so that in the event of a fire, your valuables will be safe. A good safe should be fire resistant for at least an hour to cope with an average domestic or commercial fire. Another factor to consider is the safety rating of your safe to see if its suitable for your requirements. A safe can sometimes reduce insurance costs as it increases home security, protecting valuables such as jewellery.

Buying key cabinets

You can buy a range of key cabinets from us to keep all of your keys in one convenient place, whilst also keeping them secure with a combination lock or key. We even sell emergency key cabinets with breakable glass so you can access keys quickly and easily.

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