Communication & Wireless Development Tools

Adding radio communication to your design does not necessarily mean you need to learn all about transmitters, receivers, signal amplifiers and gain calculations, you can use a development kit to accelerate your design speed. We offer a wide range of wireless evaluation boards using a variety of Radio Frequency (RF) protocols including:

  • Bluetooth
  • GSM / GPRS / LTE (Cellular)
  • GPS / GNSS
  • WiFi
  • MiMax
  • ZigBee
  • 6LowPAN

These development boards and kits generally include standard connectors, interfaces and software so can be embedded and tested with minimal design time.

Once your design is finalised, many of the products within this family are also available in component or module form which can be used within a production environment.

Development kits, development boards and starter kits are available from a wide range of manufacturers including; Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, Arduino, Microchip Technology, MikroElektronika, Picom, ROHM, STMicroelectronics and many more.

The development kits generally include an antenna if it's not integrated onto the circuit board. RS offers a range of antennas to suit your specific needs.

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Description Price Classification RF Technology Kit Classification Technology For Use With Featured Device Frequency Kit Name Priced to Clear Supported Bus Interfaces Dimensions Supported Security Standards Supported Network Interfaces Included Features
RS Stock No. 193-5621
Mfr. Part No.RSPdx
Multi-Antenna Port 14-Bit SDR RF Spectrum Software Defined Radio Receiver - Aircraft (ADS-B and ATC), Antenna Research, Broadcast DXing (AM/FM/TV), Broadcast Integrity Monitoring, Geostationary Environmental Satellites, Ionosonde, IoT Receiver Chain, Multi-Amateur Band Monitoring, Panadaptor, Passive Radar, Power Measurement, Radio Astronomy, Receiver Design, Receiver for IoT Sensor Projects, RF Surveying, RFI/EMC Detection, Satellite Monitoring, Shortwave Radio Listening, Signal Logging, Slow Scan TV, Spectrum Analyser, Spectrum Monitoring, Surveillance, Teaching, Trunked Radio, Utility and Emergency Service Monitoring, Weather Fax (HF and satellite), Wireless Microphone Monitoring, WSPR & Digital Modes - 1 kHz → 2 GHz Radio Receiver - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 174-7945
Mfr. Part No.RSPduo
- - Radio Board 14 bit ADC Educational Application, Industrial Application, Scientific Application - 1 kHz → 2 GHz RSPduo Dual Tuner 14-bit SDR - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 150-3954
Mfr. Part No.RSP1A
- Software Defined Radio (SDR) - - New Apps Development - 1KHz → 2GHz Radio Spectrum Processor - RSP1A - - - - - -