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    PCB Transformers

    Transformers function as current regulators to reduce or increase the voltage of alternating currents in a variety of machinery. PCB (printed circuit board) transformers are designed to work with printed circuit boards, which offer a compact and convenient way to connect electric components.

    The PCB transformer sits above the surface of the board, where it controls the voltage or current transitioning through the board.

    What are PCB transformers used for?

    PCB transformers are used mainly in manufacturing processes where current regulation is needed. They're also used in computer hardware applications and consumer devices to protect them from power surges.

    Types of PCB transformers

    PCB transformers can be recognised by their mounting capabilities. They are surface mounted or through-hole mounted.

    Through-hole mounted transformers have connectors or pins that can pierce through the board. They are generally used in multilayered printed circuit boards. Surface mounted transformers do not penetrate into the board itself and are therefore very compact, which makes them a popular choice for many applications.

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