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    PoE Injectors

    A PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Injector, plugs into an electric outlet and adds power through a single network cable, transferring both power and data to a device.

    The injector is the device that inserts the power into the wires within the Ethernet cable. Alternatively this can be done using a network switch that includes a built-in PoE.

    How do PoE Injectors work?

    PoE injectors work by adding power to an Ethernet cable downstream of an Ethernet switch, meaning one cable can provide both power and data. The power is sourced by the PoE injector from a separate supply, allowing a data only Ethernet network can be upgraded to provide PoE capability without upgrading the existing switch hardware.

    Where can a PoE Injector be used?

    • A PoE will let you power many devices like IP cameras, allowing fast development and easy re-positioning. All whilst transferring the necessary Ethernet connection required for it to function properly.
    • One of the original applications for a PoE was a VoIP phone. Through the use of a PoE Injector, a phone could have a signal connection to a wall socket whilst being remotely powered down.
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (wireless access points) APs and RFID readers are often PoE-enabled.

    Will my internet speed boost if I use a PoE Injector?

    A PoE injector should not have any impact on the network speed, the injector adds power to the existing cable without having an impact on the data connection.

    Features of a PoE Injector

    • Facilitates PoE connectivity to compliant endpoint devices.
    • Enables wireless access points to be mounted on places where external power may not be available.
    • Gives PoE capability to a non-PoE Ethernet switch or routers.

    Benefits of a PoE Injector

    • Easy installation and simple connectivity - Plug and play style PoE injector to the PoE endpoint and to an Ethernet switch to provide data and power.
    • Facilitates network expansion - PoE capabilities to non-PoE Ethernet switches to provide combined power and data over Ethernet cable for a better connection.
    • It's a great investment - PoE injectors utilise existing Ethernet equipment and cabling infrastructure, with minimal impact on a budget.
    • An injector has earned itself a fantastic reputation because of its capabilities of improving network agility and efficiency.
    • Reduces cabling requirements - one wire provides power and data
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