Fixed Installation DC-AC Power Inverters

Fixed installation DC AC power inverters are devices that convert DC (Direct Current) into conventional AC (Alternating Current) electricity that can run numerous electrical appliances.

How do fixed installation DC AC power inverters work?

Fixed installation DC AC power inverters are either entirely electronic or may be a combination of mechanical effects and electronic circuitry. They work by producing a square wave, sine wave, modified sine wave or pulse width modulated (PWM) wave depending on the circuit design.

These types of inverters use one of two basic designs to produce plug-in power from lower-voltage DC sources:

  • Using a switching boost converter to produce higher voltage DC and then converting it to AC
  • Converting DC to AC battery level and using a line-frequency converter to create output voltage

What are fixed installation DC AC power inverters used for?

Typical applications of fixed installation DC power inverters include:

  • UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies)
  • Refrigeration compressors
  • Power grids
  • Solar
  • Electroshock weapons
  • Induction heating
  • Power generation

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Description Price Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Power Continuous Output Power Intermittent Output Power Waveform Output Connection Type Efficiency MTBF Output Current Length Width Depth Weight Minimum Temperature
RS Stock No. 862-1585
Mfr. Part No.SR-1000T-248
48V dc 194 → 246V ac 1000W - Pure Sine Wave - 91% - - 43.5mm 482.6mm 345mm - -30°C
RS Stock No. 862-1582
Mfr. Part No.SR-1000T-224
24V dc 194 → 246V ac 1000W - Pure Sine Wave - 90% - - 43.5mm 482.6mm 345mm - -30°C
RS Stock No. 192-9167
Mfr. Part No.SR-1600-230/48/50/HW PLUS
48 V dc, 230 V ac 200 240V ac 1600W - Pure Sine Wave - 91% - - 509mm 446mm 85mm 6.5kg -25°C