Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic fluid is the medium that power is transferred in hydraulic machinery. Its primary function is to convey power, although it also acts as lubrication within the hydraulic machine components. Other functions of hydraulic fluid include heat transfer, sealing, fire resistance, biodegradability, radiation resistance and anti-corrosive. Common hydraulic fluid is based on mineral oil or water.Hydraulic fluids can be used in a multitude of applications at high temperatures making it imperative to take care when performing maintenance. Severe injuries and deaths can occur due to the failure of components.Types of Hydraulic FluidBrake fluid is a hydraulic fluid which has a high boiling point. Due to the heat in braking, if free water or water vapour exists in the braking system then it can boil and the result is brake failure.Power steering fluid is mostly mineral oil or silicone based although some use a synthetic based oil. If you use the wrong type of power steering fluid, it can result in power steering pump failure.UsesAircraft use a hydraulic system to allow pilots to operate the mechanical flight controls due to the effort it would take them normally. It is also stored in the accumulators for self-starting the aircraft's main engines.Other equipment that use hydraulic fluids are excavators, power steering systems, garbage trucks, lifts and hydraulic brakes.

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