Water Meters

Water meters measure the cumulative volume of water passed through it in cubic metres of water. They are primarily classed by size and to ensure meter accuracy the flow rate must be within a specific range. The volume of water with vary with the diameter of pipe but with a 1 inch pipe (25mm) the ranges for each class are as follows:

  • Class A – 140 to 350 litres per hour
  • Class B – 70 to 280 litres per hour
  • Class C – 35 to 52 litres per hour
  • Class D – 26 to 40 litres per hour

  • There are 3 types of water meters:
    • Single Jet – water flows directly onto an impeller turbine.
    • Multi Jet – water flows on to multiple points on the impeller turbine and which aid reliability and longevity.
    • Volumetric – also known as positive displacement meters. They measure water volume by splitting the water into set fixed-volume amounts then counting the number to determine the total volume.

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Description Price Class Nominal Flow Rate Maximum Flow Rate Maximum Reading Connection Connection Gender Thread Size Thread Standard
RS Stock No. 897-7138
- - 70L/min - - - - -
RS Stock No. 211-0474
Mfr. Part No.WATM198854
A 2.5m³/h - 100000m³ 3/4 in BSP Male Male 3/4in BSP
RS Stock No. 211-0496
Mfr. Part No.WATM155804
C 3.5m³/h - 100000m³ 1 in BSP Male Male 1in BSP
RS Stock No. 399-5018
Mfr. Part No.GG-L12ASC02B051
A 1.5m³/h - 9999.9m³ 1/2 in BSPP Male Male 1/2in BSPP
RS Stock No. 399-5030
Mfr. Part No.GG-L31ASC02B051
A 15L/h - 9999.9m³ 3/4 in BSPP Male Male 3/4in BSPP
RS Stock No. 399-5046
Mfr. Part No.GG-DALC25P1
A, B 7m³/h - 9999.9m³ 1 in BSPP Male Male 1in BSPP
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