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Shower Heads

To get that optimum showering experience, a good shower head is a necessity. The function of a shower head is to spray water either in an enclosed shower cubicle or by using a hose attached to taps in a bath. This is made possible by the water pressure.

Types of Shower Heads

The most common type is the single spray which is an easy to function shower head and provides a single spray pattern with reasonable pressure. They are a simple yet affordable option.

A rain shower head supplies water directly above you and enables an enjoyable showering experience due to its square design and the lighter water pressure.

Handheld systems are a great solution for people who hate to move around while showering. The slimline swivel handset is attached to a hose mounted to a bracket on the wall and is fully adjustable.

If you're renovating your bathroom consider installing a body spray shower head. Although expensive, the shower outlets are wall-mounted parallel to the adjacent walls allowing for a more invigorating shower.

Concealed ceiling mounted shower heads are fixed in the ceiling providing an even flow of water, however it does require special plumbing.

Shower Head Features

  • Adjustable spray settings such as jet, rain, crosswater, blast and drench.

  • Capable of saving water by restricting water flow.

  • Massage settings which work muscles and relieve stress.

  • Chrome material for durability and aesthetics.

  • Some shower heads are resistant to limescale for easy cleaning.

  • A long hose length for manoeuvrability.

  • Shower heads are replaceable which allows for quick and easy fitting.

  • Shower kits are available for use with many shower types.
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