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    Welding Goggles

    Welding goggles are an important piece of eye protection equipment and are available in various ranges and styles to suit different types of welding. Wearing the appropriate eye protection ensures the correct safety guidelines are met and their suitability can be checked against the EN166, EN169, and EN175 compliance guidelines. All goggles used in welding applications will have the EN certification printed onto the goggles, guaranteeing the quality of eye protection.

    Welding goggles are available in a variety of safety lens options, including flip-up lenses, mono-goggles, and panoramic lenses, each providing different views of the welding job at hand. Welding shade relates to the darkness of the welding lens. The higher the shade number, the darker the lens shade and the higher the level of eye protection. For example, shade 5 protects the eyes when cutting with a welding torch and grinding metals but not for welding, at which point shades 8 to 13 provide the appropriate protection.

    To ensure the highest level of user safety, welding goggles should be worn with other available safety protection equipment appropriate to the task and environment, such as ear defenders, welding helmets, and face shields. Prescription and reading spectacles can also be worn underneath the goggles. Our range of welding goggles feature direct or indirect ventilation protection to suit various daily welding applications and also feature various coatings, including anti-mist and anti-fog, to ensure the clarity of your vision.

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