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    3M Goggles

    3M safety goggles protect the eyes and area surrounding the eyes from harmful flying debris, splashing liquids and gases. 3M goggles are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) and suited to a variety of health and safety compliance scenarios. The anti-mist coating that 3M offers can outlast traditional coatings, helping to increase the performance of the eyewear in humid conditions. As well as great protection for your eyes, 3M googles offer incredible comfort due to the wide elastic strap for easy adjustability.

    RS Components have a great range of safety eyewear including safety glasses and safety goggles for protection from flying debris, airborne particles, UV light and chemicals plus many more. 3M goggles have a wide lens for an excellent field of vision meaning that you can get on with your daily work without distraction.

    3M Safety Goggles features can include:

    • Anti-fog coated lenses reduce fogging and ensures a clearer vision
    • Adjustable straps
    • Anti-scratch lens coating
    • Clear lenses
    • Acetate lens for excellent chemical resistance
    • UV protection (e.g. UV 400 protection)
    • Choice of frame colours
    • Compact lightweight design
    • Can be used with other PPE 
    • Wide vision
    • Vented
    • Sealed design helps provide protection against liquids, dust, gases and vapours
    • Choice of strap material

    Typical Application Information:

    Protective eyewear such as safety goggles or safety glasses are essential for the safety of workers in environments where dust and particle ingress are a concern, or for work processes that create a high-speed particle risk. 3M safety goggles are often used in:

    • Laboratories
    • Engineering
    • General assembly
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Pharmaceutical
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