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    Hair Nets

    Hair Caps and Hair Nets are an item that generally covers the wearer's head to keep the hair inside the cap or net. They are classed as a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) within environments that have strict rules regarding cross-contamination, like food manufacturing or production.

    As RS our offer includes disposable hair nets, reusable hair nets and beard masks that can be used in various industries to promote hygiene and maintain sterile environments. By incorporating hair nets into workplace practices, organizations demonstrate a commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

    Why are hair nets so important?

    By sitting on top of the wearer's head, they prevent any unwanted hair or skin from leaving the covered area, or the wearer touching their hair and contaminating their hands. Using a hair cap or hair net, it helps prevent cross-contamination or even infection, ensuring the environment they are worn in is hygienic, which can be critical to the operation of the business and work environment. Disposable hair caps or nets are often used in:

    • Food preparation or manufacture
    • Distribution warehouses that handle food or sensitive equipment like electronics
    • Medical or laboratory environments
    • Electronics manufacture
    • Pharmaceuticals and research

    What features do hair nets have?

    Dependant on the application they are used for, hair nets and hair caps can have different beneficial features that aid their function within the working environment like:

    • Breathable for optimum wearer comfort
    • Liquid or water repellent
    • Anti-static
    • Metal detectable

    They can also be made from different materials and some of the most used materials are:

    • Microporous fabric – This liquid repellent, tear-resistant and puncture-resistant material is ideal when working in hot or humid environments as the microporous construction makes the hair cap more breathable. This fabric is comfortable and allows the cap to be worn for extended periods of time, without compromising on comfort and can be used in applications with moderate to heavy fluid or liquid contact or light chemical exposure.
    • Polyethylene material – This material provides a non-linting and waterproof hair cap solution, which makes these caps ideal to wear in food processing or manufacture, painting, pharmaceuticals or electronics manufacturing and assembly.
    • Polypropylene – The most economical and basic type of hair cap you can buy. It is commonly used in medical, dental, food manufacturing and service, pharmaceutical or research applications. It provides basic protection that is lightweight and breathable for the user.
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