Lavalier Wireless Microphones

Lavalier wireless microphones are small microphones that are usually mounted to a speaker’s clothes. Unlike traditional handheld microphones, these hands-free microphones give the speaker freedom of movement as they speak.

These microphones can record directly into a connected device, or they can wirelessly transmit an audio signal to a recording device, mixeror other piece of equipment.

What are lavalier wireless microphones used for?

Lavalier microphones are frequently used in public speaking, theatre, film and television. They are typically mounted on to a speaker's neckline, collar or tie. Their small, easily concealed shape allows the speaker to move and speak without the visual distraction that a bulkier handheld microphonewould provide.

Types of lavalier wireless microphones

Lavalier microphones can be differentiated by their polar patterns, or directionality. Omnidirectional (also known as nondirectional) lavalier microphones receive sound from all directions. Due to the microphone's body, however, sounds from the rear of the microphone are received more weakly. Unidirectional lavalier microphones receive sound primarily from a single direction. These microphones should be pointed directly at the sound source (such as the speaker's mouth).

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