Boundary Microphones

Similar to other microphones, the boundary microphone is commonly used to record wider audio past a single user, typically beneficial to capture larger rooms full of music or sporting events.

How do they work?
A small omnidirectional mic capsule is placed near the surface of the microphones boundary. This allows it to pick up directional signals of audio much better than a typical microphone.

Features and benefits:
• Can capture sounds from multiple sources
• Inexpensive
• Small and compact, easy to store
• Can record great distances

Where might I use one?
• To capture key moments within sporting events like football, hockey etc.
• Churches
• Large auditoriums
• Theatres
• Movie production
• Home use

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Description Price Type Directionality/Polar Pattern Frequency Response Maximum Sound Pressure Level Impedance Signal to Noise Ratio Cable Included Weight Height Length Maximum Frequency Response Minimum Frequency Response Minimum Operating Voltage Width
RS Stock No. 261-7307
Electret Condenser Unidirectional 50 Hz → 18 kHz - 250Ω 65dB - 141g 17mm 83.7mm 18 kHz 50 Hz 9 V dc 68.7mm