Boundary Microphones

Similar to other microphones, the boundary microphone is commonly used to record wider audio past a single user, typically beneficial to capture larger rooms full of music or sporting events.

How do they work?
A small omnidirectional mic capsule is placed near the surface of the microphones boundary. This allows it to pick up directional signals of audio much better than a typical microphone.

Features and benefits:
• Can capture sounds from multiple sources
• Inexpensive
• Small and compact, easy to store
• Can record great distances

Where might I use one?
• To capture key moments within sporting events like football, hockey etc.
• Churches
• Large auditoriums
• Theatres
• Movie production
• Home use

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Description Price Type Frequency Response Maximum Sound Pressure Level Impedance Weight Height Length Maximum Frequency Response Minimum Frequency Response Minimum Operating Voltage Width Connector Directionality/Polar Pattern Signal to Noise Ratio
RS Stock No. 261-7307
Electret Condenser 50 Hz → 18 kHz - 250Ω 141g 17mm 83.7mm 18 kHz 50 Hz 9 V dc 68.7mm XLR Unidirectional 65dB
RS Stock No. 809-1183
Mfr. Part No.PRO42
Condenser 70 Hz → 14 kHz 134dB 100Ω 35g 15.5mm 54.3mm 14 kHz 70 Hz - 36.6mm XLR Unidirectional 65dB