Torches, or flashlights, are small lamps that are generally powered by batteries. They provide lighting for small areas where the light beam reaches and are ideal for maintenance, outdoor activities, emergency services and general-purpose illumination.

How does a torch work?

A traditional flashlight is battery powered and is operated by an 'on/off' switch to turn the light on or off. You can also use rechargeable batteries in them to help them last longer and save on the cost of batteries.

Torches have two main ways of illumination:

  • An incandescent bulb with a tungsten filament - the older, more traditional torch or flashlight with a softer amber glow
  • A solid-state bulb that is normally a light-emitting diode (LED) - the newer bulb that is used in torches that emits a bright light and can come in varying colours
  • What are the key features of a torch?

  • LED torches are more common now because the technology in the LED bulb allows for a very compact size and bright light output and the bulbs last much longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Torches have different beam distances, run time and light output so it is important to select a torch based on the application it is required for
  • The light output of a torch is measured in lumens (lm); the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light is that the torch emits
  • Some torches are impact-resistant and water resistance to ensure they are suitable for using outdoors in extreme elements
  • Size, weight and functionality is also important to ensure that it meets the requirements of the user
  • What different types of torches are available?

    There are many different types of torches available, each of them useful and beneficial depending on the application they are required for:

  • Handheld torches - the most common type of torch because it is versatile enough to be used across most applications. They can range from being used as a general-purpose household torch or a rugged torch for use in harsh environments
  • Head torches - these types of torches feature a headband or strap style attachment as a hands-free solution when the user requires both hands to be free at all times, for example, surgeons, search and rescue operations, or extreme sports like caving or mountain biking
  • Hat torches - these are very similar to head torches, but the torch is built into a hat instead. They are ideal for outdoor working that requires both hands to be free as they keep your head and ears warm too
  • Penlights or pen torches - these pocket torches are a compact device that can be easily carried around in the user's pocket or toolbox. They are sometimes limited in their brightness in comparison to handheld torches, but they are ideal for when only a small area needs illumination for closer inspection. They are commonly used in the medical industry by nurses and GP's

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