Torches, or flashlights, are small, electric lamps which are usually powered by batteries. Torches illuminate small areas and are ideal for maintenance, outdoor activities, emergency services and general purpose illumination.
They feature a light source which is usually LED or an incandescent light bulb. However LED is more common due to their compact size a bright light output. Luminosity represents the “brightness” of the LED light output.
The light is normally white but some torches are available in other colours, for example red for night vision and blue for forensic work. Torches feature a simple on/off switch and some have other functionality, such as a colour changing dial.

• Handheld torches are the most common type of torch. They vary from general purpose household torches to rugged torches for use in harsh environments.
• Head torches feature a head band or strap attachment. They are ideal for applications which require your hands to be free at all times, for example for surgeons, search and rescue operations, and sports at night.
• Hat torches are similar to head torches, but the torch is built into a hat. Again, they offer a great way to illuminate areas whilst keeping your hands free for other tasks. Hat torches are ideal for outdoor activities as they provide warmth too.
• Pen torches are compact devices that are easy to carry around in your pocket or tool box. They aren’t always as bright as hand torches, but are ideal for general applications which require small area illumination. Pen torches are popular in the medical industry with nurses and GPs.

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Mfr. Part No.TESTBOY LIGHT 500
LED Inspection Torch Yes Battery Pack - 320g No - - 1 - Spot to Flood - Red