Handlamps are used when a fixed on-site lighting system does not provide sufficient light. They are handy because of their wireless and rechargeable capabilities. The materials used in their construction help them withstand changes in temperatures to prevent the risk of failure from thermal shock. They often have protections to minimise the risk of impact damages, especially in industrial environments.

What are handlamps used for?

These products are used in hazardous areas, such as industrial environments for when there's a blackout. They are ideal for localised inspection and maintenance operations, such as vehicle repair. They can also be used in case of an emergency to report dangers.

Types of handlamps

Handlamps can be divided into LED, incandescent, fluorescent and halogen models. They differ in their lighting power, in their autonomy and in their weight and dimensions. They can be powered by single use or rechargeable batteries. Some of them are ergonomically designed, are waterproof and can be operated with one hand. Some handlamps also have supports or magnetic bases to allow hands-free use.

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Description Price Type Rechargeable Lamp Type Lamp Wattage Water Resistant Lamp Supplied Battery Supplied Range Focusing Model Dimmable Battery Type Material Current Rating
RS Stock No. 801-1351
Mfr. Part No.PS-L2
Handlamp No LED - Yes Yes - - - - - PJ996 Plastic -
RS Stock No. 739-3138
Mfr. Part No.PS-L3
Spotlight No LED - Yes Yes - - - - - PJ996 Plastic -
RS Stock No. 122-3113
Mfr. Part No.HV-L2R
Handlamp Yes LED - Yes Yes Yes 250 m Yes - - NiMH Plastic -
RS Stock No. 122-3114
Mfr. Part No.PS-L3RK
- Yes LED - Yes Yes Yes 250 m Yes - - Li-Ion Plastic -