LED Capsule Lamps

LED capsule lamps are your two-pronged bulbs typically small in size and recognisable by their oval shape at the top and square towards the bottom.
How do they work?
Like any conventional bulb, an electrical current is run through the two prongs to produce a clear and typically white light. These can vary in strength and colour.
Features and benefits:
• Some capsule lamps have a dimming feature for great energy saving and control
• Lamp finish styles in clear or frosting
• Different light colours including “Cool White” or “Warm White”
• Typically 90% less energy to halogen equivalent
• Life hours range from 1000 up to 15000 and beyond
• Quick payback to you through energy and maintenance cost savings
• Wide beam angles are available
• Compact size perfect for small luminaires

Where might I use one?
• In your home (typically in ovens or other appliances)
• In desk lamps
• Cabinet lighting
• Small downlights
• Projectors
• Medical equipment
• Shop window displays

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Description Price Lamp Base Wattage Incandescent Equivalent Wattage Light Colour Luminosity Colour Rendering Dimmable Voltage Rating Life Hours Lamp Finish Diameter Length Colour Temperature EU Energy Efficiency Rating
RS Stock No. 124-4339
Mfr. Part No.929001232002
G9 2.3 W 25W Warm White 215 lm 80 Yes 240 V 15000h Frost 23mm 51 mm 2700K A++
RS Stock No. 124-4338
Mfr. Part No.8718696578650
G4 2 W 20W Warm White 200 lm 80 Yes 12 V 15000h Clear 17mm 48 mm 2700K A++