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We stock a large choice of products for the heating or cooling of electronic devices, components or enclosures. Within our range, you will find products such as air-to-air heat pumps, liquid heat exchangers, thermo-electric Peltier modules and heat sinks. All from trusted brands such as Fischer Elektronik, Stego Elektrotechnik, Bergquist, Rittal and more.

What is thermal management in electronics?

Electronic devices need to maintain the right temperature in order to work effectively. If the conditions become too hot or too cold, this can cause the components to malfunction.

For devices used in outside applications such as security cameras, they need a way to heat up the internal workings for them to operate but without the temperature going too high, so there is also a number of devices to lower the temperature and remove the heat generated in electronics as well.

What type of heating and cooling devices exist for electronics?

In order to keep electronics components functioning at the right temperature, the devices use a variety of different elements that will keep the temperatures in the right parameters for quality performance. The following are the most commonly used elements for maintaining proper temperatures :

  • Heat sinks - are metal structures used for heat dissipation in electronic equipment. They feature a thermal conductor that carries heat away and into a series of fins that help to dissipate and cool the hot air.
  • Thermal gap pads - are solid at room temperature, but as heat rises, they grow softer and are able to fill gaps. Often, devices are not entirely flush with the heat sink, and when the pad grows soft, it can spread and fill that gap.
  • Enclosure heaters - keep the internal temperature of sensitive electronic components warm enough to operate despite the temperature outside. When choosing enclosure heaters, it is important to consider the lowest temperature the enclosure will have to work and then determine the ideal temperature at which the device needs to work.

    Thermal grease - also known as thermal gel, thermal paste, heat paste, heat sink paste, or thermal interface material. It improves thermal conductivity by filling in the gaps on the surface of the components to make the heat conduct and dissipate more efficiently. Different types of thermal grease are available including silicone and graphite filler.

    Peltier modules - useful for reversible thermoelectric assemblies for heating and cooling that require precision to maintain the proper temperature.

There are many other devices that offer solutions for thermal management, browse our full range for more details.

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