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    Tool Balancers

    Tool balancers also known as spring balancers, power tool holders or power tool assists are designed to hold and counterbalance tools in a pre-set position making them weightless during use. The tool balancer comprises a reel containing an extendable support cable that is suspended from an overhead line or connected to a fitting in the workplace. The tool is then connected to the tool balancer by a suspension hook. A tensioning spring inside the balancer is finely adjusted to the weight of the tool using a tensioning knob. Tool balancers are available with different load capacities and cable travel lengths.

    Benefits of using Tool Balancers

    • Provides weightless operation of tools
    • Increases operator comfort and decreases fatigue
    • Increases productivity allowing the use of tool over long periods of time
    • Keeps tool away from work area when not needed
    • Prevents tools from being dropped onto the floor and damaged
    • Easy to adjust using an integrated tensioner

    Typical Applications of Tool Balancers?

    Tool balancers are ideal in industrial settings where heavy tools are frequently used in the same position in bench or assembly line jobs. Applications include portable power tools, pneumatic tools and hydraulic tools.

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