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    Tweezer Sets

    Tweezer sets contain a variety of tweezers that will enable you to precisely grip, pull, place or move objects that are too small to be handled by your fingers.

    What are the key features?

    • Primarily made from stainless steel, but other material types include nickel plated, carbon fibre and titanium
    • Resistance to heat and corrosion enables use in harsh environments
    • Non-magnetic

    What different types of Tweezer sets are there?

    A set typically contains tweezers with a variety of tips, or different sizes:

    • Pointed tip – most common form of tweezer
    • Blunt tip – should be used when a pointed tip tweezer might get tangled up in the item
    • Flat tip – makes removal of splinters easier due to the angled tip
    • Triangular tips – ideal for larger objects
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