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    Telescopic Magnets

    Telescopic magnets have a multitude of uses in a wide range of settings. Typically found with a rubberised or plastic grip handle housing the extendable arm, telescopic magnets come in a range of lengths to suit their use.

    Shorter extending arms are ideal for use in localised spaces where distance is no issue, whereas longer, more robust telescopic arms are more suited to more hard-to-reach places or where the user may have reduced mobility making it easier to reach with less movement.

    Also known as a swarf wand, telescopic magnets are the perfect tool in and around machining where metal swarf can build up around a machine. Using a telescopic magnet can allow you to clean in and around a machine with ease to ensure you're always working cleanly and safely.

    Smaller, more compact telescopic magnets can be found in what is often known as a magnetic pen and are ideal for keeping in your pocket or even having from a shirt as magnetic pens typically feature a small clip commonly found on traditional writing pens.

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