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    A screwdriver is the most common hand tool found in any toolbox and consists of a handle, a shaft and a tip which is designed to tighten or loosen screws. Screwdrivers are available with a range of tip types and some are designed for specific applications.

    Types of Screwdriver Tip

    The following are some of the most popular screwdriver tips

    Phillips Screwdrivers

    Torx Screwdrivers

    Flat Head Screwdrivers

    Pozidriv Screwdrivers

    Types of Screwdriver

    Electricians Screwdrivers: Electricians Screwdrivers also referred to as VDE screwdrivers or insulated screwdrivers meet safety requirements that protect against electric shock

    Precision Screwdrivers: Precision Screwdrivers also referred to as electronics screwdrivers are designed for intricate and delicate work

    Stubby Screwdrivers: Stubby Screwdrivers have a compact design and are used in confined spaces

    Right Angle Screwdrivers: Angled Screwdrivers also known as offset screwdrivers are used to reach components in awkward angles in tight spaces

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