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    Screw Extractors

    A screw extractor or bolt extractor is a tool for removing broken, damaged or seized screws and bolts. They can be driven manually using adjustable spanners or vice grip pliers or by using a hand-held power tool. You can learn more in our guide to screw extractors.

    Screw extractor sets and bolt extractor sets are also available and are ideal for removing broken screws and threaded bolts without damaging the thread. These sets usually contain corresponding drill bit sizes, for a complete solution.

    Why use a Screw Extractor?

    Screws can break, rust, or become stripped and need to be replaced. This brings any work or project to a halt. The easiest way to remove the screws before replacing with a new one, is to use a specialist tool such as a screw extractor. The screw extractors are similar to a screw but have a reverse thread.

    How to remove a screw using a screw extractor

    Always select a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw you want to remove.

    Attach to the drill

    Line the drill bit up with the centre of the screw

    Work slowly to drill a hole for the extractor

    Place the spiral end of the extractor into the hole you have drilled.

    Twist the extractor anti clockwise until you cannot turn it any more

    Twist the extractor with a wrench or drill. Grip the top of the screw extractor with a wrench. Twist it anti clockwise until the screw comes free.

    If using a drill, attach the free end of the extractor to the drill, set to rotate in reverse and turn it on to turn the screw anti clockwise

    Remove the screw using pliers

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