Offset Tag Fuses

Offset tag fuses are a type of fuse that feature tags jutting out of either end of a cylindrical body. The placement of the tags depends on the specific application of the fuse. Fuses are devices used in circuits to protect against overcurrent and short circuits by providing a weak link. When too much current flows through, the metal strip in the fuse will melt, breaking the circuit.

How do offset tag fuses work?

Offset tag fuses are connected to a fuse holder using the tags that extend off the end of the fuse body. Unlike centered tag fuses, the tags jut from the top or bottom of the fuse rather than the middle, and they may not be symmetrical. They can be either blade tags, bolted tags or slotted tags, which all attach to the circuit differently.

Types of offset tag fuses

Apart from tag type, offset tag fuses can differ by their size, current and voltage rating and fuse speed.

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Description Price Fuse Standard Fuse Type Fuse Size Current Rating Voltage Rating Fuse Speed High Rupture Capacity Body Diameter Overall Length Tag Width Body Height Body Width Body Length Application Category
RS Stock No. 850-7240
Mfr. Part No.15CIF06
Each (In a Pack of 20)
- - - 15 A - - Yes - 60.4mm 12.7mm 35.5mm - 13.8mm -