Fuse Covers

Fuse covers are casings that surround electrical fuses in order to provide insulation and protection against water or contamination. Fuse covers can be used in conjunction with fuse holders (designed to hold the fuse itself).

Types of fuse covers

Plastic, PVC or thermoplastic fuse covers

Plastic, PVC and thermoplastic fuse covers provide excellent insulation that is suitable for both high voltage and high temperature applications.

Splash covers

Splash covers are designed with clear casings so that any damaged equipment can be easily identified. Splash covers also help protect against splashes of liquid or other contamination.

What are fuse covers used for?

The main usage of a fuse cover is to provide safety to the user in that they make the fuse touch-proof and insulated so it is safe to use. Fuse covers insulate the fuse and are suitable for using with high voltage and high temperature applications in which assembly methods such as wave soldering (large-scale soldering process) takes place.

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Description Price Series Fuse Holder Type Fuse Size Width Length Height Cover Material International Protection Rating Current Rating Dimensions For Use With Standards Met Voltage Rating
RS Stock No. 769-0130
Mfr. Part No.83500000005
Each (In a Pack of 5)
- Flush Mount 5 x 20mm - - 20.5mm Polyamide IP40 - 9.2 (Dia.) x 20.5mm - - -
RS Stock No. 769-0161
Mfr. Part No.81500000005
Each (In a Pack of 5)
- Panel Mount 5 x 20mm - - 34mm Polyamide IP40 - 9.2 (Dia.) x 34mm - - -
RS Stock No. 894-9587
Mfr. Part No.01520900TXN
Fuseholder MAXI Screw Mount - 38.4mm 67.3mm 22.4mm - - - 67.3 x 38.4 x 22.4mm MAXI®/FK3 Style Fuse Application RoHS Compliant -
RS Stock No. 769-0158
Mfr. Part No.81600000005
Each (In a Pack of 5)
- Panel Mount 6.3 x 32mm - - 33.8mm Polyamide IP40 - 9.2 (Dia.) x 33.8mm - - -
RS Stock No. 769-0174
Mfr. Part No.64800001009
Each (In a Pack of 25)
- PCB Mount 5 x 20mm 9mm 26.6mm 14.5mm Thermoplastic PC - - 26.6 x 9 x 14.5mm - - -
RS Stock No. 769-0177
Mfr. Part No.57500000001
Each (In a Pack of 10)
TR5 Panel Mount 8.5 x 8mm - - 10mm Thermoplastic PC - - 15 (Dia.) x 10mm - - -