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    Sems Screws

    What is a Sems Screw

    A Sems Screw is a type of a fastener.

    How do they work?

    The screws are already pre-assembled with a free spinning lock washer, held in place by the diameter of the screw thread being wider than the hole of the washer.

    Features and Benefits

    • They come with different head types, washer styles, thread styles, plating types and materials.

    • Easy to use, especially in difficult spaces.

    • Increased efficiency and cost as already pre-assembled.

    • No time wasted looking for lost components.

    Where would you use one?

    • Electrical Industry

    • Automotive Industry

    • Switch Gear Industry

    • Commercial Use

    • Construction Industry

    • Workshops

    • DIY Enthusiasts

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