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    Clevis Pins & Retaining Clips

    Clevis Pins & Retaining Clips are both types of fasteners and can be used instead of bolts and rivets. They are very popular as they are strong, durable and provide a cost effective fastening solution and come in several diameters. Clevis pins are available in both metric and imperial sizes and can be made from steel and stainless steel with a zinc plated finish for corrosion resistance. A Clevis pin has a head on one end and a hole on the other which you can put your retaining clip fastener in.

    A clevis pin allows rotation of the connected parts, and consists of a head, shank and hole, the hole passes through the shank at the opposite end of the pin from the head. Retaining clips or R – clips holds components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing/bore when installed in a groove.

    Typical applications

    Clevis pins and retaining clips are extremely common types of fasteners due to their resistance against rust and corrosion, and can be found in various applications such as:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Furniture installation
    • Agriculture machinery
    • Automotive
    • Marine (sails on boats)
    • DIY projects
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