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    Girder Clamps

    Girder clamps (also called beam clamps) are used to attach hanger rods to structures and objects without the need for drilling or welding.

    They have adjustment pins with single or multiple threads to feed the rods (wires, cords, cables) through the clamps.

    These clamps are robust and corrosion-resistant. They are made from materials such as carbon or stainless steel and coated with electrostatic finishes.

    What are girder clamps used for?

    Girder threaded rods are used as anchor points for lifting or pulling heavy loads onto trusses and beams. Some of these rods have permanent shackles attached to provide for safer fixing mechanisms.

    They are found in the construction industry where bulky items and equipment need to be attached to I-beams, channels and flange girders. They are typically used during bar hoist construction under the roof of a structure.

    They are also used in scaffolding to attach the scaffolding to structural objects like beams or columns.

    Types of girder clamps

    Girder clamps are categorised by weight-bearing capacities, a number of threads (openings) and hole diameters.

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