Ash Trays & Bins

Ashtrays and Ashtray bins are used for disposing of used cigarette butts safely and securely, reducing any fire hazard. The ash trays are placed in designated smoking shelters within a workplace, designated area or in public spaces and can also be called smokers stations. Not only do these ashtrays reduce fire risks but they also prevent litter caused by discarded tobacco products. The ashtrays are supplied in various sizes, capacities and materials to suit your purpose plus there is a mounting type to suit your needs.
Ashtrays are all designed for easy emptying ensuring the waste can be disposed of safely. They can also be lockable so the waste cannot be tampered with before disposal. As smoking is banned from inside public spaces and work places the ash trays are all manufactured to be durable to withstand all weather conditions. Clearly marked on the outside surface as a place to dispose of ash waste.
• Aluminium
• Galvanised Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Steel
• Plastic
The capacity is the size of the Ashtray / Ash Bin and the volume of material it holds.
• 1 Gallon
• 3 Litres
• 4.9 Litres
• 6 Litres
• 25.4 Litres
Mounting Types:
• Base Mounted – Free standing, bolted to a floor surface
• Floor Mounted – Free standing, bolted to a floor surface
• Wall Mounted – secured to a wall by bolts and screws

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Description Price Material Capacity Mounting Colour Depth Height Width Trade Name
RS Stock No. 356-4579
Mfr. Part No.CG 3 MS
Steel 3L Wall Mounting - 90mm 300mm 265mm -