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    Toilet Roll Dispensers

    Toilet Roll dispensers also known as toilet roll holders, toilet tissue dispenser and toilet paper dispensers are essential for all workplaces that have a washroom. A holder or dispenser for toilet rolls allows you to dispense them hygienically, efficiently and economically. The dispensers are used in public and commercial environments and a wide range are available, manufactured to fit the various dispensing methods and roll sizes available. Most toilet roll holders are wall-mounted, making the maximum use of space available in washrooms, toilets and bathrooms.


    For hygiene purposes, most holders are made from plastic though some are made from aluminium, steel, metal, brushed stainless steel, ABS and chrome plated. All are easy to clean and mount on a wall. Also available are transparent toilet roll holders that allow you to see at a glance whether the dispenser requires refilling. All toilet roll holders are robust and hard-wearing.

    Single or Dual Toilet Roll Dispenser:

    Toilet roll dispensers are made to hold either single or dual rolls of toilet paper. Dual toilet roll dispensers (hold 2 toilet roll) requires less filling and maintenance and therefore more cost-effective.

    Toilet roll holders come in various sizes, styles and colours such as black, white and metal (stainless steel) and you can match the size required to the footfall of a washroom. The size you choose determines the size of roll or rolls required to fill the dispenser. Sizes are available, depth and width to help you in maximising the space available within a washroom.

    The name of the dispenser always directs you to the size of toilet roll:

    • Mini Jumbo dispenser.
    • Micro Jumbo dispenser (Twin Micro "Jumbo" Toilet Roll dispenser).
    • Jumbo toilet roll dispenser (jumbo – reduces refill time).
    • Bulk
    • Twin toilet tissue dispenser (holds 2 toilet rolls) ideal for high footfall washrooms.
    • Standard (hold regular size rolls).

    Toilet roll dispensers are available to suit every type of washroom environment. They are a modern design, stylish, economical, easy to use, lockable, space saving and refillable.

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