Contact Cleaners

pstrongContact cleaners/strong are comprised of a chemical mixture which has been designed to remove or prevent the build-up of oxides and other contaminants on the surface of switches, connectors or any other electrical equipment./p pThe main purpose of using the contact cleaner is to remove dirt, oil, grease and metallic oxides from the surface of parts. The cleaner improves the performance and reliability of your electronic equipment by preventing contact failure./p pThere are dedicated contact cleaners to evaporate immediately from the surface leaving no residue./p pGenerally, we should avoid using contact cleaners that contain lubricants unless it is safe to do so. The lubricant has the following benefits:/p ul liReducing corrosion and friction/li liProtecting any metal surfaces/li liNon-flammable/li /ul h2Where to use Contact Cleaners/h2 pThe contact cleaner works on electronic components, ignition points, electronic controls, relays and other areas that need a product to evaporate quickly./p pContact cleaner has a shelf life of at least 72 months as long it is stored correctly. Aerosols should not exceed a stored temperature above 50°C and should avoid a direct heat and naked flame./p pContact cleaners are plastic safe, quick-drying, and you can be confident that no residues are left on the treated equipment./p pPlease make a note that some contract cleaners are not for use on live machinery./p pMulti-purpose cleaners are non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-flammable. Cleaners provide an immediate cleaning result to your surfaces./p pIt is advisable to view your product carefully as cleaning has to be followed by the manufacturer recommendations or restrictions. Before the purchase it is recommended to check the product specifications./p

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RS Stock No. 101-4937
Mfr. Part No.EML200F
200 ml Aerosol - EML
RS Stock No. 337-5925
Mfr. Part No.CG53A35SL
35 ml Syringe Automotive Switches CG53A
RS Stock No. 101-5536
Mfr. Part No.SGB20SR
20 ml Syringe Contacts, Thermoplastics SGB
RS Stock No. 101-5564
Mfr. Part No.CCS020
1 Bag of 20
- Pack Edge Connector, Low Voltage Contact, Non-wiping Contact, Relays CCS
RS Stock No. 300-8530
Mfr. Part No.SGB200DR
200 ml Aerosol Contacts, Thermoplastics SGB
RS Stock No. 236-1818
Mfr. Part No.ULL200DR
200 ml Aerosol Axles, Gears, Gold Contacts, Relays, Sprockets ULL
RS Stock No. 286-1447
Mfr. Part No.ERSGB35SL
35 ml Syringe Contacts, Thermoplastics SGB
RS Stock No. 155-8364
Mfr. Part No.SGB35SL
35 ml Syringe Contacts, Thermoplastics SGB
RS Stock No. 193-3488
Mfr. Part No.SC4003ERP250G
250 g Pack - -