Anti Static Wipes

Anti-Static Wipes are low lint or lint free disposable clothes which leave no surface residue and have various uses.
How do they work?
Using an anti-static wipe allows you not only to clean but helps to reduce the build-up of static electricity from a surface. The wipes are especially beneficial for use within an ESD (electrostatic discharge) environment. It is important not to build up a static charge which can damage sensitive equipment. The wipes Anti-static wipes are safe to use, convenient, practical, quick and easy alternative to standard chemical products.
Wet anti-static wipes contain a cleaning agent that quickly evaporates after use and is especially effective in cleaning cables and connectors. Silicone free wipes are effective with computer cleaning.
Package Types:
• Bags
• Boxes
• Tubs
The packs are all re-sealable to ensure that the wipes retain their anti-static qualities. Wipes can be used wet or dry.
• Cables
• Computers
• Delicate products and mechanisms
• Laptops
• Connectors
• Plastic
• Rubber
• Glass
• Wood
• General surface cleaning and maintenance work
Always read the instructions carefully about the uses for anti-static wipes and what and how they are to be used. Ensure that you take any necessary precautions protecting components you are cleaning and exposed areas of the skin and eyes.

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RS Stock No. 118-1835
Mfr. Part No.EWI100
1 Pack of 100
Cables, Connectors 100 Bag 134 x 60mm