Screen Wipes

What is a screen wipe?
A Screen wipe is an essential tool to keeping all your devices that have a screen clean and hygienic by wiping them down.

How do they work?
A screen wipe, similar to using a screen cleaning solution in a bottle, is a quick and handy wet wipe that allows you to cover a large device such as a monitor with a few wipes, keeping your devices clean and ready to use. You simply take out the desired amount of wipes and use.

Features and benefits:

• Different package types available such as bottles, boxes or large tubs making them portable.
• Pull and release functioning for quick access to the next wipe
• Different size wipes for various applications

Where might I use one?

• At your home or workplace to clean such items as laptops or phones
• Business applications for cleaning workstations that have any type of screen or touch screen.

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Description Price Application Number of Wipes per Pack Package Type Wiper Size Anti-Static
RS Stock No. 290-9498
Mfr. Part No.SCS100
1 Pack of 100
Computer Screens, Screen Filters 100 Box - Yes