Storage racking and shelving components are simple and convenient storage solutions for a range of environments including garages, workshops and warehouses. They're easy to build and offer the flexibility to increase or reduce storage as required. With a large range of heights and weight limits available, you can find the right shelf rack for your requirements.
How do Racking components work?
Racking components include kits as well as individual items, allowing you to customise your storage to exactly meet your needs. Different cabinet sizes, finishes, materials, different shelving widths and panel heights can be mixed and matched into multiple configurations. Within the range are shelving units, cable racks and extension bay shelving kits with removable containers.
Types of racking components
Racking components are parts of versatile systems that are simple to erect or modify, without the needs for nuts and bolts. Frames are made from sturdy steel and shelves are either solid sheets or made from wire. Safety features such as locking clips ensure components can't be accidentally dislodged.
Common Racking components include:
Storage racks
Shelving posts
Wall mount shelves
End frames
Shelving wall mount brackets
Shelving shelf sets
Shelving cabinets
Chipboard shelves
Modular shelving
What’s the difference between industrial shelving and pallet racking?
Warehouse shelving is a term that’s often applied to both industrial shelving and pallet racks and while the two are both used to hold goods or pallets of goods, they are also used in different situations.
Shelving is the basic type of storage system. Your typical industrial shelf is used for small goods. People pick up and place these goods by hand, not by using a forklift or other vehicle. They are generally shelved individually, not by pallet, although small goods may be bundled together or be in small boxes.
Shelving may be any height and have any number of solid shelves on it. These shelves usually are made out of a solid piece of metal or wood.
Racking is generally regarded as wider, deeper and higher, It is .a storage system designed to store materials on pallets. Although there are many varieties of pallet racking, all types allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Designed to be accessed only by machines such as forklifts, cherry pickers, or automated systems.

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Description Price System Component Type Load Capacity Height Width Depth Length Material Colour
RS Stock No. 519-431
Modular Shelving Open Extension Bay 1200kg 2100mm 1m 400mm 1000mm Steel Grey
RS Stock No. 519-481
1 Kit
Modular Shelving Shelf 160 kg, 1200 kg - 400mm 400mm - Steel Grey
RS Stock No. 519-469
Modular Shelving Close Extension Bay 1200kg 2100mm 1m 500mm 1000mm Steel Grey
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