Server Rack Drawers

A server rack drawer, also known as rackmount drawer or rackmount storage, fits into a server rack unit and is an ideal place to store equipment. These rack drawers can be placed on or underneath a rack or shelf and are ideal for items such as manuals, software, test equipment, keyboards and many others. This helps to save space and keep the area organised and tidy which is important in any server room or data center environment.

The industry-standard rack cabinet is 42U tall. The rack drawer height must fit within the rack unit (U) and is defined as 44.5 mm (1.75 in). The drawer heights are usually 1U to 8U, with the equipment that fits into these drawers being anywhere between 1U and 8U high. Most rack-mountable computers are either 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U rack drawer high.

Rack mounting equipment is usually assembled by bolting or clipping the front panel to the rack. Rackmount storage equipment will usually need to be screwed or bolted to secure it.

Rack drawer slides are used for heavier equipment which needs to be accessible for servicing. The rail slides are mounted directly onto the rack and the equipment then slides along these rails. These rails can lock in various positions to prevent any movement of the equipment and are designed for optimum functionality.

Non-locking rack drawers are ideal for keeping items out of the way but allowing for easy access at all times, while lockable rack mount drawers enable the user to lock away any items where increased security is needed.

Some of these lock rack drawers are rail sliding whereas others are front mounting. Spring latch drawers come with a spring-loaded latch and ideal when you need the storage but you want to ensure the drawer does not slide open.

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Description Price Rack Units Depth Ventilated Material Maximum Load Height Width Compatible Rack Size Extension Type Material Thickness Paint Texture Type Colour
RS Stock No. 305-6905
Mfr. Part No.DK7283035
3U 390mm Yes Steel - - 430mm - - - - Grey
RS Stock No. 283-5965
Mfr. Part No.DK7281035
2U 390mm - Steel - - 430mm - - - - Grey