Solder Pin Connectors

Solder pin connectors are a type of electronic connector with pins that are typically soldered to a circuit board in specific configurations to connect electronic components and cables. The solder pins are male connections that plug into female sockets.

The pins are spaced a specific distance apart in one or more rows, in a plastic casing called a ’pin header board’, also known as a ’pin header’ or simply ’header’.

Types of solder pin connectors

The pins themselves come in different lengths and thicknesses. The pins on the header board must be the correct size and spacing to match the socket. The distance between pins is called the ’pitch’ and is measured in parts of an inch (typically 0.1 inch). The casings of solder pin connectors can be either angled, straight or shrouded.

What are solder pin connectors used for?

Solder pin connectors are used in electronics, especially for joining computer components together. They're used to connect printed circuit boards (PCBs) with other components such as ribbon cables. Solder pins can also be used to connect a female jumper wireto a board.

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