SSMB Connectors

SSMB connectors are smaller versions of standard SMB (SubMiniature version B) connectors with a 'slide-on' coupling or 'snap-on' latching action for ease of connection. They are available for both RF (Radio Frequency) cables and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) types.

What are SSMB connectors used for?

SSMB connectors have a broad range of applications, from process controls and base stations to instrumentation and cable assemblies. You will also find SSMB connectors in satellite radio receivers and 3G Wireless access cards.

SSMB connectors provide great electrical performance in a microminiature footprint. The snap-on mating allows for dense packing and quick installation, which makes it a great alternative to larger connectors like SMA (SubMiniature version A) connectors or SMBs.

Types of SSMB connectors

SSMB connectors are manufactured in both plug (female) and jack (male) types. They are available in straight or right-angle versions as well as mountless or 4-hole panel options. These SSMB connector designs come in a wide range of termination methods including clamp, crimp solder, crimp, among others.

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Description Price Gender Body Orientation Termination Method Mounting Type Body Plating Cable Type Mating Type Operating Frequency Contact Plating Contact Material Impedance Size
RS Stock No. 738-5831
Female Straight Solder PCB Mount Gold - - 0 → 4GHz Gold Brass 50Ω Subminiature
RS Stock No. 738-5822
Female Right Angle - PCB Mount Gold - - 0 → 4GHz Gold Brass 50Ω Subminiature