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dLAN (Direct Local Area Network) Powerline technology is essentially a way of creating a wired high-speed internet network in the home. Powerline technology utilises existing electrical power cables within a home to transmit digital data without expensive and disruptive refitting of the buildings wiring. Powerline adapters provide high-speed internet access up to 1200 Mbps directly from an electrical socket. Powerline adapters or Homeplugs as they are also known are plug-in adapters that allow you to build up a chain of internet access points around the home. A dLAN Powerline network is simple to set up, just plug and play. Ideal where no Internet is available or Wi-Fi network coverage is weak. An uncomplicated, low-cost solution to overcome Wi-Fi and internet connection issues.
How does it work?
Powerline technology uses your homes mains electrical wiring to send data signals around your home or business. Powerline adapters are designed to enhance your current network and Wi-Fi signal by providing a reliable, secure link to the Internet. If an electrical power socket is available, a continuous high-speed internet connection is always accessible. A typical set-up comprises of 2 parts, a bridge and an access point.
The Bridge
The bridge Powerline adapter is plugged into a mains electrical power socket close to your router. A network Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port at the bottom of the bridge adaptor. The other end of the Ethernet cable is plugged into a spare Ethernet port at the back of the router.
The Access Point
The access point Powerline adapter plugged into an electrical power socket in a room where online access is required. An additional Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port at the bottom of the access point adapter. The other end of the patch lead is plugged into your device. Additional Powerline adapters can be added to a chain at any time.
Powerline Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi signal from a standard router doesn’t always provide enough signal strength to distribute a reliable connection. Powerline Wi-Fi adapters primarily work in the same way as standard dLAN Powerline adapters. Adapters are plugged into any available electric plug socket outlet, taking advantage of existing cable routes to amplify the routers signal through walls and ceilings. There are also some Powerline Wi-Fi adapters that include integrated power sockets providing extra flexibility.
Powerline AV
Powerline AV Wireless+ adapters are ideally suited for home entertainment. Powerline AV are the best adapters for TV or video streaming. Choose a Powerline AV wireless adapter with a rated speed of 300 Mbps or more for the best viewing experience.
Devolo dLAN adapters or Homeplugs are available as single adapters, starter kits and Network Kits. Depending on the system required Devolo dLAN adapters are also available with 1 to 3 LAN ports supporting device connection like laptops, games consoles, smart TV's and any other electronic device.

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