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pTime switch accessories are groups of products used together with a href="/web/c/automation-control-gear/timers-counters/" target="_self"timer switches/a that control the on and off settings of an electrical switch. Examples are antennas, conduit boxes, data keys, drive motors, memory cards and sockets./ph2h2What are time switch accessories used for?/h2/h2pTime switch accessories are used to connect the timer to the electrical circuit from the mains electricity (AC) via a power cable in, for instance, homes, offices and factories. /ppIn the automotive industry, the accessories are applied to the battery-operated equipment within a vehicle. /ppTime switch accessories can also be used to install timers into a wall outlet, for example in central heating control panels, TVs a, radions and sleep timer products. /pp/ph2Th2ypes of time switch accessories/h2/h2pTime switch accessories are categorised as follows:/pulliElectromechanical accessories that are used in rotating gear motors, for example within automation processes in factories./liliElectronic accessories used in applications with no moving parts where semiconductors are responsible for the timing circuitry of the switches, for example home security systems./liliCountdown accessories that are in devices that have to power on or off at specific time intervals like air conditioning systems or street lights./li/ul

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RS Stock No. 329-351
Mfr. Part No.AM24
Drive Motor Electromechanical Cam Timers
RS Stock No. 337-683
Mfr. Part No.AM41
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