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    Vision Sensors

    Vision sensors are image processing systems which are used to capture images and evaluate them. They are an incredibly useful asset in industrial settings as they are high-speed, cost-effective and easy to set up.

    What are vision sensors used for?

    Vision sensors are used to capture images taken by a camera to determine the orientation and accuracy of objects and triggering corresponding reactions. You can use them to solve artificial machine vision applications because they have inspection, identification and object reflection tools with professional advanced functions.

    They don't need specific programming as they can be configured easily by making just a few adjustments. You may find vision sensors across certain industrial production applications for example, in the beverage industry where the systems are used to inspect for fill level tolerance and improperly applied caps as part of the inspection and quality control process.

    How do they work?

    Vision Sensors are an easy-to-use image sensor which determines presence, accuracy and adjustment of parts throughout various applications. For object detection applications, Vision Sensors locate a part and conduct a multi-point inspection on it's features. The Vision Sensor inspects the entire range of the object and checks for discrepancies to enhance industrial processes and systems.

    Vision sensors can be self-contained or part of a larger network, allowing multiple workstations within the factory to use the camera to review images and data applications such as process control.

    Types of vision sensors

    There are two main types of vision sensors:

    Perspective projection-type: the FOV (field of view) is trapezoidal, which is ideal for camera-type sensors.

    Orthographic projection-type: they have a rectangular field of view which makes them well suited for laser range finders or close-range infrared sensors

    Colour Model: These sensors receive light information in red, green and blue and intensifies the colour range to distinguish between targets

    Monochrome Model: The image captured by the camera is passed through the lens is converted to and electrical signal

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