Schneider Electric Safety IO Modules TeSys Island

Congratulations for discovering Schneider Electrics TeSys Island range of Safety IO Modules, you're now on your way to having a dedicated concept to control and monitor your machines and processes, each TeSys Island product plays an important role to switch, protect and manage motors and electrical loads of up to 80 Amps (AC3) within an electrical control panel.

  • A fantastic digital load management solution that enables your machines and processes to be smarter and reliable
  • TeSys Island provides a fully digitised and object-orientated load management system and is an industry 4.0 compliant data provider
  • Through the use and installation of TeSys Island, users are able to reduce time to market and enable OEMs to move forward, faster in their industry 4.0 journey
  • Through the TeSys Island approach, users will be able to simplify the function of the applications and system configuration as well as reducing the number of engineering tasks
  • TeSys Island enables a faster machine engineering and installation phase
  • The TeSys Island concept can also be easily integrated into 3rd party automation systems, supporting several fieldbuses such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • Provides users access to all relevant load data for advanced system diagnostics

A little more info on Schneider Electric TeSys Island

  • Manages motors electrical loads of up to 80 A (AC-3)/37 kW/40 hp
  • Features fieldbus connectivity via bus coupler for EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET or PROFIBUS
  • There is relevant load data available, such as current, power, energy and advanced diagnostic data
  • The TeSys Island avatar objects and dedicated configuration and maintenance tools provide simplified engineering and commissioning
  • Users can have up to 20 modules on 1 island mounted by DIN rail (up to 112 cm length)
  • Thanks to the fill connectivity over fieldbus, no control or auxiliary wiring are required
  • There is no need for mechanical dials or dip switches due to all the adjustments and settings being digitised
  • A limited number of references including 5 starter sizes, digital & analog I/Os and voltage measurement modules
  • Embedded Cybersecurity (Achilles Level 2)
  • There is a SIL starter available, designed for the integration into functional safety systems which are according to IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1, including TUV certification (Stop 0 and 1 with wiring categories 1 to 2, suitable for PL c, d and SIL level 2
  • Fully complaint to international standards (IEC / UL / CSA 61010, IEC / UL / CSA 60947, GB/T14018)

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Description Price Range Series Type For Use With Supply Voltage Normal State Configuration Number of Inputs Interface Number of Outputs Power Rating Mounting Style Dimensions Terminal Type
RS Stock No. 204-8283
Mfr. Part No.TPRSM001
TeSys Island TPRSM SIL interface module TPRBC bus coupler 24 V dc - - - - - Horizontal Mount, Vertical Mount 25 x 118 x 115 mm -
RS Stock No. 204-8279
TeSys Island TPRBC Bus coupler TPRST module 24 V dc - - - - - Vertical Mount, Horizontal Mount 50 x 118 x 114 mm -
RS Stock No. 204-8284
Mfr. Part No.TPRAN2X1
TeSys Island TPRAN Input/Output Module TPRBC bus coupler 24 V dc - 2 - 1 0.5 W Horizontal Mount, Vertical Mount 25 x 118 x 114 mm Spring
RS Stock No. 204-8280
Mfr. Part No.TPRDG4X2
TeSys Island TPRDG Input/Output Module TPRBC bus coupler, TPRPM power module 24 V dc - 4 - 2 0.5 W Horizontal Mount, Vertical Mount 25 x 118 x 114 mm Spring