PLC Programming Software

PLC programming software is the collective term referring to the data and instructions provided to a PLC (programmable logic controller) via various types of programming languages. These instructions are executed by the plug-in time switches (CPU) to operate, monitor and control machinery and equipment. PLC programming software is written in high-level programming languages or simpler assembly languages depending on the complexity of the machinery in question.

What is PLC programming software used for?
PLC programmes are usually written using a particular application on a personal computer, which is downloaded via a direct connection cable or network onto the PLC. This software is stored on the PLC within the RAM or flash memory component. PLC programming software enables PLCs to prompt specific actions to be taken by the machinery or equipment. This is the standard software used in mining, manufacturing, production, engineering and the industrial sector.

Types of PLC programming software
There are many PLC programming software options to choose from. Their compatibility is dependent on the operating system of the PLC: for example, Windows, Apple or Android. The most notable brands of PLC programming software in use globally are Allen Bradley, Siemens and Mitsubishi.

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