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    Condition Monitoring

    What is Condition Monitoring

    Condition monitoring (CM) is the procedure of monitoring conditions in machinery (such as vibration and temperature) to measure changes and variations that can confirm a developing fault. Condition monitoring allows for maintenance to be scheduled accordingly to prevent failure and subsequent unplanned downtime.

    The state-of-the-art machine monitoring software enables plant maintenance technicians to remotely monitor the operational health of machinery and offers a complete comprehensive view of mechanical operations. This allows for several benefits to plant managers such as:

    • Helps keep personnel safe
    • prevent unplanned downtime due to machine failure
    • Service multiple machines
    • addressing all known problems at the same time
    • Eliminate unnecessary costs

    Condition Monitoring can measure the following elements in machinery:

    • Vibration and position
    • Rotor speed
    • Temperature
    • Operating process sensors

    Methods used for condition monitoring:

    Trend monitoring: Trend monitoring is the continuous, consistent measurement and interpretation of data. It comprises of selecting an appropriate and measurable indication of machine or component decline and studying this trend to determine when deterioration goes over a critical limit.

    Condition checking: Condition checking involves taking a intermittent measurement check with a suitable indicator while a machine is running. The information is then used to measure the condition of the machine at any time.

    Features and Benefits of Condition Monitoring:

    • Minimize downtime
    • Increase safety
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Cut hidden costs
    • Prolonged asset life

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